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Some time ago I was shooting the breeze with a couple of mates at the local pub. You know the usual guys shit; have a couple of beers and talk sport and pussy for the most part.

I can’t quite recall the exact detail of the topic but I passed the comment to a mate who was talking about a handjob he got from the wife. I rhetorically asked why she was giving him a handjob if her mouth wasn’t broken.

It was then when he insisted that I was completely underestimating a good handjob and I disagreed adamantly.

Let’s be honest, I’ve been jerking myself off since I was a youngster, just like every other guy. How is someone else going to do a better job than me knowing exactly what I want at each exact moment and I’ve had years of practise.

That mate dragged me off to a happy ending massage parlour a few weeks later after a game of golf where I had my first experience of a handjob that was simply out of this world.

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